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Combining a speaker and and push-to-talk microphone in a single compact unit, the Listen Technologies discussion system brings the intimacy of personalized one-on-one conversation to a large group settings.
The MIC 027 handheld unidirectional shotgun microphone from Williams Sound allows you to capture  flawless audio from a single source while picking up minimal background noise. Its slim design and black color combine to create a professional, low-profile appearance, ideal for desktop speaker situations or use inside interpreter booths. The mic’s unidirectional design affords exceptional vocal response, making it ideal recording lead, backup, and choral vocals, as well as any type of solo instrumental work, and will do so with ease and precision. A microphone stand and wind screen are also available for purchase with the mic.
The MIC 044 2P Headset Microphone from Williams Sound is a noise-canceling earpiece/microphone combination. Ideal for interpreters who must listen to the floor feed while simultaneously speaking or participants who are speaking while listening to a second language feed. The earphone and mic each use a 3.5mm (1/8″) mono plugs and the 39″ cord provides plenty of freedom of movement.
Place this MIC 049 Omnidirectional Conference Mic from Williams Sound on a conference table and it will clearly pick up speech and other audio signals within a radius of up to 12 feet. Perfect for meetings, conference break-out sessions, teleconferencing applications and anywhere where multiple speakers need to be picked up clearly. The omnidirectional design eliminates the need for each participant to have their own mic, saving money and simplifying setup.
The Williams Sound MIC 054 Directional Mini Lapel Clip Microphone is a compact lavalier-style mic, ideal for presenters and meeting leaders to wear unobtrusively. This mono-directional mic attaches securely to your lapel  with the included clip, and the black foam windscreen filters out unwanted pops or hissing.
This Mic 068 Interpreter Headset Microphone from Williams Sound is a professional grade dual-muff noise isolating headset. With a noise attenuation rating (NAR) of 20db,the Mic 068 is ideal for both interpreter booth settings or noisy environments where additional sound isolation is required. The dual muff design covers both ears for superior sound isolation and features two (2) 3.5mm (1/8″) plugs, one for headphone input and one for mic out.
For settings where ease of setup and portability are key, this Wireless Discussion System from Listen Technologies is a great fit. Using state of the art, fully digital technology, this discussion system combines a loudspeaker and microphone to provide for a full meeting audio speech support without  the need to wire any cables between units. The system  recreates the intimacy of one-on-one conversations in large settings to boost the productivity of your meetings and conferences.

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