10 Listener Digital Interpretation System – DWS INT 2 300 by Williams AV

The DWS INT 2 300 is a fully contained “out of the box” interpretation solution for when you need to transmit crystal clear audio within a range of 750 feet.

The system comes with everything you need to provide single translated language support for 10 listeners. The audience can be scaled up by adding more receivers and additional languages can be added later by purchasing more transceivers.

Designed f0r flexibility and be operated without the need for technical assistance or bulky desktop equipment, this package is ideal for classrooms, tours, community meeting, and worship settings.

Operating on the 2.4 GHz  spectrum and using digital frequency hopping technology eliminates the problem of radio interference and the system is approved for use worldwide.

This is the same technology used at the United Nations, World Bank, and embassies around the globe. See why language professionals around the world are moving to Digiwave as the gold standard in language interpretation equipment.

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  • Contains everything you need to provide crystal clear interpreted audio for up to 10 listeners
  • Designed for a single-interpreter, single translated language scenario
  • Contains a rugged briefcase-style carry case for secure transport and storage
  • Secure audio transmission using 87-bit encryption and frequency hopping technology
  • Can easily be scaled up for more listeners by adding additional receivers for audience members
  • Range of up to 750 feet!
  • Includes charger, case and everything you need to operate the system in one package

System Includes