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Combining a speaker and and push-to-talk microphone in a single compact unit, the Listen Technologies discussion system brings the intimacy of personalized one-on-one conversation to a large group settings.



For conference and meeting settings where delegates need to address the group without need for passing a microphone back and forth, this Digital Discussion System from Listen Technologies is a natural choice.

This is a wired system, where each unit connects to a single moderator controller unit using a digital CAT5 cable. The setup makes it perfect for hotel conference rooms, city councils, boardrooms, gyms, PTA meetings, libraries, and more.

The system consists of compact individual discussion units, housing a microphone and personal speaker, which connect to a central control unit. Delegates speak by pressing a button on their unit and the moderator unit can control permission to speak on the delegate units.

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Chairman mic can take priority over other speakers

Chairman mic can take priority over other speakers

The system is expandable to any size of meeting, or can be reduced to just a few units for a smaller setting. The benefits of this system include:

  • Stylish design blends with any meeting room decor – works with all table layouts for both large and small settings
  • Fully digital operation for crystal clear audio quality
  • Audio can be engaged in “push-to-talk” or voice activated modes
  • Simple to set up and operate – no mixer or audio engineer required!
  • Touch sensor buttons have no moving parts, thus are easily cleaned and maintained
  • Red LED lights on the delegate and chairman units activate when mic is engaged
  • Each delegate microphone unit can be shared by two participants
  • Chairman Unit allows the chairman priority over any other units, and to schedule “next in line” speakers
  • Delegate microphones have a “speaker request” feature and you can also program preset time limits
  • Easily record the meeting audio by connecting a USB device to the central control unit
  • Use the included line in / line out to connect to external PA or sound systems

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