Long Range Infrared Interpretation System – Williams Sound WIR SYS 90 ADV

Ideal for large conference spaces, auditoriums, and other settings where up to 28,000 sq ft of language translation coverage are required, the WIR SYS 90 Long-Range Infrared Interpretation System from Williams Sound is a compact, stylish and affordable choice.

By combining the infrared modulator and emitter equipment into a single compact unit, the TX90 transmitter reduces operating cost and eliminates unnecessary equipment to lug around.

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The powerful TX90 infrared transmitter emits a wide-angle infrared signal on the 2.3 – 3.8 MHz bandwidth that ensures coverage over the widest possible space in the listening area. This spectrum also reduces the possibility of light interference to ensure crystal clear reception.

The TX90 transmitter can cover up to 28,000 square feet in single channel mode. You can increase the area by adding additional TX9 emitters in slave mode.

Comes with wall mount and you can purchase an optional stand for portable operation.

Infrared Interpretation System Features

  • Combining the modulator and emitter into single unit reduces needed equipment
  • Transmitter is highly resistant to light and RF interference
  • Infrared interpretation system meets Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines
  • Made by Williams Sound in the USA

 Full System Includes:

  • WIR TX90 infrared transmitter (1)
  • RX18 receivers (5)
  • CHG 518 five bay charger (1)

Use With

  • Expand audience members with additional RX18 Receivers and CHG 518 Chargers
  • Increase the range by using RX22 Receivers