Portable Interpretation System for 20 Listeners – DWS INT 3 2.0

The DWS INT 3 2.0 is an updated version of Williams Sound’s classic portable interpretation system for 20 listeners and 2 languages. The lightweight system easily packs into the included carrying case for secure storage and transport. Designed for settings where top audio quality, portability, and signal security are needed, the DWS INT 2.0 system is perfect for small and medium meeting and conference settings.

As your needs grow, the system can be expanded. Simply add additional DLT 100 2.0 transceivers to add more languages (or extend the system range). Add additional DLR-60 2.0 receivers for additional audience members.

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DWS INT 3 2.0 Key Features

  • System supports up to 2 translated languages and 20 listeners (expandable to 14 languages and unlimited listeners within range)
  • 87 bit signal encryption to prevent unauthorized access to audio signal
  • Easy setup – no mixer, wires, or technical knowledge required!
  • Full system is extremely light – 25 lbs shipping weight for the set
  • Easy to expand to add more listeners or languages later
  • Works on 2.4 GHz spectrum. Legal in most countries and top quality audio
  • Get up to 24  hours of listening on a single charge
  • Unlimited number of listeners within range
  • Upgrade your interpreters booth with the IC-2 Interpreter Console

Multiple Options For Use:

Scenario 1: One translated language + floor feed hearing assistance

Give one DLT 100 2.0 transceiver to your presenter. This will be used to transmit the audio feed of your event to the translator located in a nearby room or in the back of the main room. The interpreter uses the second DLT 100 to hear the event feed and transmit the translation feed to the audience members. Listeners in the audience use their DLR 60 receivers to listen to either the translation feed, or the floor feed for hearing assist.

Scenario 2: Two translated languages

In this scenario, the two interpreters listen to the event through the PA system or directly. Each interpreter has one DLT 100 transceiver that they use to transmit their translation to the audience. The interpreters can either switch off interpreting the same language, or they can each interpret a different language by using separate channels.

Full System Contents

(2) DLT 100 2.0 digiwave transceiver (includes charger)
(20) DLR 60 2.0 diviwave receiver
(20) BAT 010-2 AAA battery (For DLR 60 2.0)
(2) MIC 044 2P headset mic
(20) EAR 022 earphone
(2) CCS 044 silicone protective skin for DLT-100 (available in 5 colors)
(1) CHG 102 2-bay charger (for DLT-100s)
(1) CCS 042 DW heavy duty carrying case