Portable Translation Booth

The Whisper Cube Porta-Pack 2 Portable Translation Booth is a lightweight, easy-to-assemble two-person custom portable tabletop soundproof unit that allows optimal visual communication between interpreters and meeting participants.


The Whisper Cube Porta-Pack 2’s options for double-paned Plexiglass and soundproof flooring ensure the best possible environment for communication between two live-event translators and audience members, while optional  air conditioning and interior lighting systems provide additional comfort for the interpreters.

The Whisper Cube Porta-Pack 2 is also available with features an interior division partition system, and can be customized for your individual needs.

Key Features

  • Packed with a convenient soft-side briefcase-style travel bag for easy transport
  • Easy-to clean and lightweight materials
  • Sleek, professional appearance
  • System dimensions: 47.24 × 24.01 × 24.01 in
  • Weight: 51 lb

The portable translation booth is designed to be exceptionally flexible, durable, and expandable, with high-quality materials used both inside and outside. Attention to design details ensure the booth’s occupants will enjoy an environment for translation free from excessive heat, humidity, and distracting noise. Air conditioning and special lighting systems ensure the booth’s occupants perform effectively without discomfort.

Because of the Whisper Cube Porta-Pack 2’s special modular design, expanding the size is easily done with the purchase of additional panels–no need to worry about replacing the entire booth in the event that your needs expand later.

At meetings and conferences around the globe, professionals rely on the security our booth system provides for clear and effective conversation.

Additional Options

  • Reinforced plexiglass for rugged durability
  • Lighting
  • Interior partition system to allow seamless multi-language simultaneous translation
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