PPA R1600 FM Remote Speaker – Williams Sound

The PPA R1600 FM Remote Speaker from Williams Sound is an ideal remote speaker system for allowing group in a separate cry room, office, or nursery area monitor the proceedings. It picks up the audio feed using a built-in FM receiver, so you can use it easily in any separate area where audio cables cannot easily be run.  The FM signals will easily pass through walls or other opaque surfaces, so a direct line of sight with the transmitter is not necessary.

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The PPA R1600 is compatible with these Williams Sound transmitters:


  • 20 watts of power provides adequate volume to cover a room or or office
  • Use the RF squelch control to cancel out any unwanted static
  • Includes Microphone  and line-in inputs and one 1 line out
  • Operating range up to 1000′ (can vary based on power of transmitter)
  • Can easily accept up to two receiver modules (SLD 072) – one is included with the unit
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty from Williams Sound (90 days for accessories)


  • PPA R1600 FM receiver and remote speaker module (1)
  • SLD 072 FM receiver module (1)
  • ANT 028 antenna (1)
  • Power cord (1)