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The WIR TX900 4-language Infrared Interpretation System is a facilities-grade system from Williams Sound that provides crystal clear translation coverage over up to Four Languages.

Its four-channel, two-emitter setup is designed for use in larger areas. The system includes separate modulator and emitter units, making it ideal for installation in fixed audio booths or other longer-term installations.

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Each modulator provides two channels of selectable IR signal, which means that when the two modulators are combined you gain access to a total of four channels that can be used to transmit signals simultaneously.

The eight LED lights on the modulators indicate the channel(s) in use. Each modulator also contains two timers that will shut off the channel after more than 15 minutes have elapsed without an audio signal; this feature can be disabled if need be.

The two infrared emitters are encased in a metal structure with a shatter-proof lens. When there is no baseband signal present they will shut themselves off automatically. A red LED baseband indicator and a green LED power indicator are located on each system.

The slim design and black coloring allotted to this entire system lends to its sleek, visually appealing look along with its space-efficient, unobtrusive size.

Key Features

  • Resists interference from nearby high-efficiency lighting
  • Provides a coverage area of up to 11,000 sq. ft. when using the RX22-4 receiver in four-channel mode
  • Able to support additional emitters to increase the area of coverage
  • Compatible with Dolby, DTS, and Doremi systems for use in cinemas to produce audio descriptions
  • Audio indicator and IR test LEDs as well as mic and line inputs can be found on the exterior of the product
  • No radio license is required to operate the system
  • All products provided within this package have been made in the USA
  • The two modulators included within the system carry 5-year warranties that will cover parts and labor, and all accessories come with a 90 day warranty

System Includes:

(2) MOD 232 modulators
(2) WIR TX9 emitters
(2) TFP 010 power supplies
(2) TFP 016 power supplies
(1) WCA 079 50’ power cable
(1) WCA 084 100’ coax cable
(2) BKT 024 wall/ceiling mounts
(4) WCA 013 RCA-to-RCA audio cables
(4) CNA 007 RCA-to-1/4” adapters
(1) WCA 068 Modulator Interconnect Cable
(1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque

Use With:

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