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For settings where ease of setup and portability are key, this Wireless Discussion System from Listen Technologies is a great fit. Using state of the art, fully digital technology, this discussion system combines a loudspeaker and microphone to provide for a full meeting audio speech support without  the need to wire any cables between units. The system  recreates the intimacy of one-on-one conversations in large settings to boost the productivity of your meetings and conferences.


Using the “push-to-talk’ button, each delegate can control his or her own microphone and the mics can also be controlled remotely by the conference chair. The speaker volume levels can be set remotely by the operator using a  web application that connects wirelessly to the system.  A Green LED indicates that the delegate is an a “request-to-speak” queue and a red LED around the microphone illuminates when the mic is active. When the mic is active, that unit’s loudspeaker automatically switches off to prevent feedback.

Each unit is powered by a high performance, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, which provides more than 20 hours of continuous use on a full charge, and recharges within four hours using the WC-CHT charging tray. A built-in LED indicator displays remaining battery life and capacity.

Each discussion system microphone uses a high performance cardioid condenser with 50 Hz – 20KHz frequency response. This configuration maximizes sound quality while reducing the risk of feedback and interference from cellphones.
Key Features
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life on a full charge
  • Fully Wireless – portable, easy setup and no need for messy cables
  • Each unit combines mic and speaker, eliminating the need for a full mixer and sound PA system
  • Speaker is automatically muted when microphone is engaged, preventing feedback
  • Unit is designed to resist signal interference from cell phones and other wireless devices
  • Bright red LED to indicate unit is on is clearly visible in video recordings and to participants
  • Sleek design fits with all conferencing settings
  • Easily check battery charge status with built in LED indicator
  • Control volume and other settings wirelessly
  • Optional voting features perfect for debate, city council, or Model UN settings

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