Translation Equipment for Churches and Houses of Worship

Do you need to  provide foreign language support to members of your congregation?

More and more churches around the world are hosting multi-language services as their congregations grow and become more diverse.

The equipment we offer will allow your congregation to follow your service in 100% real time, and in their home language. This results in a level of involvement and interactivity that is not possible in any other way.

In most cases, a new set of translation equipment can work seamlessly with your existing PA equipment, and be operated without any specialized technical expertise.

Key Points

  • Currently, there does not exist any technology that will allow you to accurately translate your services electronically and without a human translator. You will need a real, live human translator to provide interpretation during your service, but this can be a professional or volunteers from your community.
  • The equipment we carry is a series of transmitters and receivers. You give a transmitter to the translator(s) and receivers with earphones to the listeners – it’s like setting up a mini radio station inside your church that lets  people “tune in” to their native language.
  • There is no limit to the number of listeners you can have, as long as they each have a receiver and earphones. You can always start with a small number and expand when you are ready. 
  • The maximum number of languages you can provide support for at any one time is 14 (The typical number for churches is 1-3).
  • This equipment also functions for assisted listening, so you can use it to provide amplification of the service for members of your congregation who require hearing assistance.

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Will WardHi – I’m Will and I started this company to help you find the best simultaneous translation / interpretation equipment for your organization.

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Note: All equipment we sell is for interpretation using a LIVE human interpreter/translator. There is nothing that I know of that exists now that is able to produce a good quality audio translation without a human interpreter.