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The DLT 300 Digi-Wave Digital Transceiver from Williams Sound gives users a flexible platform for simultaneous interpretation. This secure digital transceiver allows interpreters and presenters to broadcast crystal clear digital audio to an unlimited number of listeners within a 300 foot indoor range. Whether delivering a sermon to a bi-lingual audience, giving a teacher the ability to reach every student, or bringing critical training to a group with different language needs, the DLT 300 handles it all. Transceivers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They provide a simple way to facilitate multi-language interpretation (using live interpreters) in a number of professional settings. Similar equipment is used by U.S. embassies, the World Bank, and large language service companies around the globe.  In most cases, the DLT-300 eliminates the need to have a dedicated audio technician running your gear.  Let the DLT 300 take care of your translation audio so your lines of communication stay open.
Slim, and easy to use, the DigiWave DLT 100 Transceiver from Williams Sound is a pocket-sized unit that enables simultaneous listening and broadcast, so that your  translator or interpreter can listen to the proceedings, and send a translated language feed to listeners at the same time. As part of a larger system, additional DLT 100's can be combined to in one-way mode to add language interpretation support for up to 14 total language interpretation feeds. With a working range of 200 feet, it's perfect for indoor conference and meeting venues. IMPORTANT NOTE: This transceiver has been discontinued and replaced by the DLT-100 2.0. Click here to view.
The DLT-100 2.0 Transceiver is the heart of the Digiwave digital interpretation system from Williams Sound. Unlike other products on the market, the DLT-100 is able to simultaneously transmit and receive. This gives an interpreter everything he/she needs to do the job in a single sleek device that is no larger than a pager.
With a range of up to 1000 feet, the Williams Sound PPA T27 broadcasts the speaker's voice or translation feed to your audience. Listeners can tune in using  the  R37, R35-8 or any FM receiver operating on the 72-76 MHz frequency . Simply connect an audio input with a 3.5mm plug to the unit or use  a line-level (RCA) jack to broadcast music or other audio signals.
The PPA T35 Transmitter Base Station from Williams Sound  is a powerful FM transmitter perfect for interpretation and live translation settings where a longer (up to 1000 foot) range is required. IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is no longer available and has been replaced by the PPA T45 Transmitter
The PPA T45 Base Station FM Transmitter combines pro audio features with wide (1000 foot) range to enable seamless translation coverage across an extended area. This extended range will allow your audience to hear the translated language feed across a large school, factory or other facility.
Advanced yet easy to use, the Williams Sound  PPA T46 transmitter broadcasts a speaker’s voice or audio feed on one of 17 available channels in the 72-76 MHz spectrum. Listeners can use any of the compatible receivers from Williams Sound such as the PPA R35-8 or PPA R37 models. The transmitter features flexible jacks for mic and aux input, push-button on/off/ and mute controls, channel lock and selectable compression. The T46 has the ability to operate in dual channel mode, allowing the user to easily switch between two different transmitting channels, each with its own set up parameters.
Compact and easy to set up, the WIR TX90 2-channel Infrared Transmitter from Williams Sound provides a powerful and stable signal to compatible IR receivers, allowing for the transmission of two channels of translated audio at substantial range. In interpretation settings, this lets you provide translation support for up to two interpreted languages.
The WIR TX900 4-language Infrared Interpretation System is a facilities-grade system from Williams Sound that provides crystal clear translation coverage over up to Four Languages. Its four-channel, two-emitter setup is designed for use in larger areas. The system includes separate modulator and emitter units, making it ideal for installation in fixed audio booths or other longer-term installations.

Showing all 9 results

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