ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System – Audio Technica

The ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System from Audio Technica brings the intimacy of personalized one-on-one conversation to a large group setting. This system combines a speaker and and push-to-talk microphone in a single compact unit. The ATUC-50 increases meeting efficiency by offering clear, reliable communication to all participants.


The ATUC-50CU rack-mountable control unit can power and control up to 50 ATUC-50DU discussion units. Up to three control units may be cascade-connected via Cat5e (or better) cable. This cascade-connection thus enables the use of up to 150 discussion units in one system. The ATUC-50CU features four balanced outputs and one unbalanced output, plus left/right AUX RCA inputs, two mic/line inputs, and two interpretation return inputs to provide simultaneous interpretation feeds in addition to the floor language feed.

The ATUC-50CU is equipped with an audio recorder that can record MP3 or WAV files of 2 GB or less onto a connected USB mass storage device (2 TB max. storage capacity). When the 2 GB limit is reached, a new file can be created to continue recording. Up to four channels are available for recording WAV files; up to two channels are available for recording MP3s.

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  • Crystal-clear, 24-bit digital audio processing with 12-band feedback suppressor
  • Easy plug-and-play operation
  • ATUC-50INT units make it easy to add bi- or trilingual interpretation to a discussion
  • A total of 50 ATUC 50DU discussion units and ATUC-50INT interpretation units (max of six INTs) can be connected, in either daisy chain or ring topology, to each ATUC-50CU control unit
  • 3 CUs can be linked via Cat5e (or better) cable, providing a system with up to 150 DU/INTs
  • 3 selectable operation modes (Free Talk, Request to Talk, and Full Remote), plus various override settings
  • Built-in WAV and MP3 recorder lets you record to a USB mass storage device
  • Control available through Web Remote interface and third-party IP Control Systems
  • Individual automated gain control (AGC), mic gain and mic EQ for each discussion unit
  • 2 Mic/Line inputs, 2 AUX inputs and 2 Interpretation Return inputs
  • LED indicators on front panel of control unit allow for easy monitoring of critical system functions
  • Front panel OLED for active system information and presets
  • Expandable and scalable system design