DWS INT 4 2.0 – Digital Interpretation System for 25 Listeners and 3 Languages

The DWS INT 4 2.0 system is a new and upgraded version that replaces the legendary DWS INT 4 system from Williams Sound.

The system is fully portable professional interpretation system, with everything able to break down for storage in the included travel case. The Digiwave system is ideal for medium-sized meeting settings where security, top audio quality and flexibility are needed.

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Designed for midsize meeting, conference, or training settings, the INT 4 system is ideal for when two interpreters are working into the same language. With 25, DLR-60 2.0 receivers, the system can accommodate 25 listeners, and is expandable to an unlimited number of listeners within a radius of 250 feet.Additional DLT 100 2.0 transceivers can be added to expand the number of languages (maximum 14) supported by the system.

Key Features

  • System can can accommodate up to 14 translated languages (with additional DLT-100 2.0 transceivers)
  • Fast setup – no onsite tech required
  • No console, mixer, wires
  • Lightweight set (17 lb) — saves on transportation costs
  • Expandable – add more listeners or languages as needed
  • Uses the 2.4GHz spectrum  — legal in most countries worldwide
  • Expand to any number of listeners (with additional DLR 60 2.0 receivers)

Designed for Shared Language and 2-Interpreter Settings:

Here’s just one of the possible scenarios for using the system:

  • Give one DLT 100 2.0 transceiver to the presenter(s) to transmit the event audio to the two translators (they can be at the rear of the room, or located in a different, nearby room)
  • Audience members receive DLR 60 2.0 receivers and can listen to either the main language for hearing assistance or the listen to the translation feed on a separate channel.
  • The two interpreters use the other two DLT-100 transceivers to simultaneously listen to the speaker and relieve each other providing interpretation for the audience. To begin interpreting, an interpreter simply presses the TALK button in his/her transceiver.

Complete System Includes:


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