Ultra-Portable Interpretation System – Four Person

Easy to use and highly adaptable, this custom Ultra-Portable Interpretation System combines a powerful Digi-Wave DLT 100 transmitter and four DLR-50 receivers manufactured by Williams Sound.

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Perfect for churches, small meeting settings, and other venues up to 250 square feet, the Digi-Wave technology uses advanced signal processing to ensure crystal clear sound quality on the 2.4 Ghz spectrum.

Expandable: To add more listeners to the system, you can add more DLR 50 receivers. There is no limit to how many additional listeners you can add.

Optional headphones for listeners: The receivers come with an internal speaker but do not include headphones.  You can use any normal headphones (like for ipod, etc) or you can purchase headphones or single-ear earpieces:

Optional Headset for interpreter: The DLT-100 transmitter has an internal mic and speaker, but it does not come with a headset.  We have a few different options for headsets also: