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Sleek and modern, the TX75 infrared system is ideal for larger coverage areas of up to 4,000 square feet. Designed to provide clear and secure signal without sacrifice, it's  well suited to conference, courtroom, or other mid to large size venues.

This system includes five (5) stethoscope-style WIR RX18 infrared receivers, and you can easily purchase additional receivers to accommodate larger audience sizes.

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The coverage area of 4000 feet is achieved by combining two TX-75 emitters (one master and one slave) to boost the output while operating in single channel mode. You can increase  the coverage range to up to 6000 square feet by purchasing an additional TX-75s slave emitter (sold separately)

A single cable carries both power and signal to slave emitters, for simple setup and takedown. 

System Features

  • Wide coverage area of up to 4000 feet (extendable to 6000 feet with purchase of additional TX-75s emitter)
  • Energy efficient – if no audio signal is detected after several minutes, unit automatically enters sleep mode, reducing energy use by 80 percent
  • Front panel of emitter can be painted to match any setting
  • Robust digital communication between master and slave units reduce interference.
  • Signaling lights built in to master unit make for easy setup
  • Separate RCA audio inputs for each channel (2.3/2.8 MHz) can be used separately for Mono or in tandem for Stereo
  • Emitter sensus if only a single channel is being used and will automatically double the output power on that channel to expand the coverage area

System Includes

  • WIR TX75 mid-range infrared transmitter (1)
  • WIR TX75-S slave emitter (1)
  • WIR RX18 stethoset-style, infrared receivers (5)
  • CHG 518 five-bay, drop-in charger (1)
  • BKT 024 wall / ceiling mount kit (1)
  • MLB 003 slave linking bar (1)
  • TFP 046 international power supply with WLC 004 U.S.AC plug (1)
  • IDP 008 ADA wall plaque (1)
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